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Personalised Support

In a relaxed environment and with the collaboration of experienced teachers, at Lions Academy you will be able to have the follow-up and advice to simply and effectively improve your academic results. At any grade, at your own pace and in your own time, we will do everything we can to achieve a high academic achievement and make your career choices much simpler.

This service is available for all levels from Primary until Secondary Education.

Lions Academy High Performance Academic Centre

Rua Alão de Morais, 83, 3700-127, São João da Madeira
São João da Madeira | Aveiro | Portugal

Rua Dr. Serafim Correia Pinto Guimarães, 855, 4520-103, Santa Maria da Feira
Santa Maria da Feira | Aveiro | Portugal

Rua da Azenha, 315, 4505-037 Argoncilhe
Santa Maria da Feira | Aveiro | Portugal

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